Unchaining My Truth: Taking Flight on the Wings of a Dream

Unchaining My Truth: Taking Flight on the Wings of a Dream is the title by Leslie Regier.  (Description below.)  The book is 323 pages in length, which includes a referenced appendix with colour pictures representing different phases in the author's life and transition.  The book is soft cover ("perfect bound") and offset printed in the USA.

A Kindle version is also available. See below.


Leslie Regier was a 2016 Primary Election candidate for U.S. Representative in Washington State Congressional District 7.  She did not earn enough votes to go to the General Election in November, but her effort was rewarding and well worth it.  Her campaign page may be viewed at www.RegierForCongress.US.

Leslie was interviewed by Richard C. Hoagland on his broadcast The Other Side of Midnight 24 May 2016 to discuss her perspective on being transgendered.  She appeared again on The Other Side of Midnight 15 June 2016 for commentary with two other guests regarding the terrorist attack at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.  The interviews are available in the archive for members of Club 19.5.

In April 2014 Leslie was interviewed by Monika Kowalska for her blog, The Heroines of My Life
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As described on the back cover:

In this real life account, the author describes her handling of a discrepancy between her body's birth form and her gender identity.  It is the story of her transition from male to female—and much more that resulted.  Ms. Regier shares her feelings, thoughts, and experiences that led to her gender change.  She shares her exploration of self and her surroundings throughout the process and her experiences following transition and surgery.

Ms. Regier paints a broader picture of herself beyond the nuts and bolts of the transition in order that the reader have a better frame of reference for the effects and implications of this type of change in an individual's life.

Despite some variously difficult situations, Ms. Regier was ultimately driven to follow her truth.  She approaches life with a sense of humour and shares her experiences in a series of narratives and commentary, often with a giggle or a smile.

This book is suitable for anyone interested in the human condition, those who wish to understand more about the transgender topic, and, of course, persons with similar feelings who can find it a valuable inspiration to express who they truly are.

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